Tuesday, December 28, 2021

My Year 2021 in a Flash

There have been those who follow me on LinkedIn, (over 3,300 when I last checked) and there are a few on Twitter (over 1300 ) and  on Facebook( about a 1000). Thanks to each one of you for participating either directly or indirectly in web-based exchanges. Here’s a little listing sheet for those who’d like a glimpse of what 2021 was like. The pandemic of course topped our attention spans. Seems a miracle, we’re here today.

Books I read this year and would recommend

1.       Emotional Agility by Susan David

2.       The Silent Coup by Josy Joseph

3.       The Gift by Edith Eger

4.       The Indian Boss at Work by Steve Correa

5.       Think Again by Adam Grant

6.       Who killed Osho by Abhay Vaidya

7.       The Courage to be Disliked by Kashimi and Koga

8.       Poona Company by Farrukh Dhondy

9.       Blueprint for a New America by Karl Albrecht

10.    Beyond Entrepreneurship by James Collins and Bill Lazier

The movies I saw in the year and would recommend. I am surprised at the variety myself!

1.       All the Bright Places

2.       Jai Bhim (Tamil)

3.       Grudge (Turkish)

4.       Miracle in Cell No 7 (Turkish)

5.       Malik (Malayalam)

6.       Minari (Korean)

7.       Love Me Instead (Turkish)

8.       Joji (Malayalam)

9.       5 Flights Up

10.    Sherni (Hindi)


TV Serials I would recommend you view to get a longitudinal take on phenomena and history

1.       The Good Doctor

2.       Marco Polo

3.       Fauda

4.       Medici the Magnificent

5.       The Family Man

Courses I facilitated this year

1.       Introduction to OD and Change Leadership – Master’s Program at TISS

2.       Introduction to OD and Change Leadership – Executive PG Diploma at TISS

3.       Mindset, Learning and Paradigms – CUSAT, Kochi University MBA Induction

4.       Tuning Behavioral Choices for the HR Profession – CMS Jain University, MBA in HR

5.       Use of Self in OD – TAPMI, MBA in HR

I share with you some resources I found this year that I thought you may like to dip into too.  


6.       https://sahilbloom.substack.com/archive  - a compilation business professionals can refer to overcome cognitive biases, has a great 'in the room' feel to it. (like Alexander Hamilton!)


7.       https://www.susandavid.com/ - for almost anyone who would like to navigate emotional states with flexibility in honest ways


8.       https://seenunseen.in/ - for mind-bending conversations of topical interest on matters related to India


To the many whom I’ve interacted with, especially my students – kudos. You’ve braved the virtual connect, and are holding on. Some of you actually suffered and recovered from COVID. Some of you have shared your bereavements with me. I’ve lost classmates across school and college myself. Many an episodes here gave me useful perspectives and insight.


9.       https://www.npr.org/series/423302056/hidden-brain Where Shankar Vedantam provides a part conversational, part academic angle to social psychology and neurological basis of human behaviors.  You can access the podcasts on Google podcasts too.


10.    https://brenebrown.com/podcast-show/unlocking-us/ Brene Brown has been on my list since 2010. Now with her atlas on emotional landscapes, you can tune in to nuanced descriptions of vulnerable human tendencies. Listen to her conversation with Edith Eger. How fascinating that it was Phil Zimbardo that inspired Edith's expressions in academics. 


 I was also invited to be a guest Speaker for Worldview Academy's 'OD Talks' earlier this year in September - Watch that session here.   

Another session that I was particularly pleased to host is with Steve Correa and V Kartikeyan, my batchmates from the NTL cohort we were part of. The session was for TISS students, but it is good for all who are interested in Organization dynamics in Indian context. Catch that here.

Hope you liked what I shared here. Drop in a word. Let's keep in touch.  

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