Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Random thoughts, Orderly numbers

Heard of Fistful of Dollars? Or for a few Dollars More? Yes, the question is with the word ‘heard’.
Heard of Ennio Morricone? That’s the man who gave us those haunting tunes. Remember The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? My personal favourite among Morricone’s composition is Gabriel’s Oboe for the movie the Mission, produced by David Putnam (of the Chariots of Fire and the Odessa files fame). Take a listen when you can.

Only a few months back,  I watched a play on our famous mathematician Ramanujan and enjoyed the personal side of the man in his relationship with GH Hardy, his host in Britain, and intellectual sparring partner. (
If I had a recommendation for those captivated by algorithm and computing, there is the work of Alan Turing. Did you know Turing may’ve saved a few million lives in just a few years of WW-II, without touching a gun or sword?

Catch much in the highly acclaimed movie the Imitation Game featuring Benedict C. Some impressive figures to match up on the movie?
Running time
114 minutes[1]
United States[2][3]
·         English
$14 million[4]
Box office
$212.9 million[5]

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Biases in toxic Behaviors

This follows a note I wrote a while ago on LinkedIn. 
Toxic Patterns
Bias Possibilities
Counter-intuitive Risk
1.      The Defensive-Self An attitude that says, I am OK as I am, when there’s much to be done to acquire a competency.
This too shall pass – I don’t need to learn for this moment. A kind of denial, in which we reject alternate possibilities and reduce openness to other ideas.
Goal for which learning is resisted becomes irrelevant
2.      The Delegation-Allergy:  The hesitation to delegate is often the result of inadequate interaction preceding the opportunity to delegate.
Being in Control is safer than surrender. The fear of loss is a deeper insecurity of uncertainty in which the discomfort is in living on terms other than one’s own.
Moral, Emotional and Task Maturity are under-estimated in process and the act of delegating goes sour, irrespective of the structure or role relations .
3.      The Diligence-Levity BalanceOne runs the risk of being labelled as a deadpan or frivolous in unfettered light-heartedness.
Pleasure is the escape from Pain. A thin separation blurs between diligent discipline and mindless ritual when pain is regarded as the atonement for evil desire.
Categorical treatment of essential polarities leads to atrophy of both poles. Ignore any one, and both poles will get ineffective over time.
4.      The Salary-Over-Everything-Else Obsession:  When the desire to earn more than one’s internal commitment to perform or serve arises, value depreciates in the interpersonal space.
Straying from Core Values of self. Getting to terminal core values is deep mindful work, that external acquisitions imitate. Compensation is rarely inner joy as core values like Peace,  Harmony, Beauty, Contentment, and Wisdom.
Oversimplification of life’s problems gives rise to the fantasy of money as a panacea. Money is only a means and it can get confused to be regarded as the end.
5.      The Collusion of SilenceBeing evasive and not speaking up when your expressed voice could benefit more than yourself.
Don’t’ trouble trouble till trouble troubles you? Even holding one’s peace is communication. The real issue is about calibrating our rapport with the other. The intent of silence is distinct from the behavior of slience.
The lack of mention and the act of mention are both means of communication. That which arises from mastery and lack of mastery is the real test.The risk is in the message the receiver gets.