Sunday, May 14, 2017

Health is a wonderful feeling - NLP affirmations

Masterful NLP is not hypnosis per se. Yet, the oceanic feeling could engulf one in the kinaesthetic state. My observer said I was in a trance like state, needing effort to get out of it.

We were at our scheduled practice session between master practitioners today. To expect such from a verbal, vocal exercise was not imagined. After all, it was affirmations. That it was to be about affirmations for Health did mean much to those seasoned in years amongst us.

One among us is a masterful Yoga teacher. He came to Yoga after learning NLP. 3 of us were mindful Vipasana practitioners. So, the observations were sharp, subtle and tuned in.

From a Yogic understanding, the affirmative sequence got us through the anamaya into the pranayama in the first phase. Then the manomaya in the mid-phase. We seemed to have grazed through the vigyanamaya layer just enough to get a glimpse of the blissful outer sheath of anandamaya. These sheaths are referred to as koshas.

It is nearly facile to slip into unexamined inference of this yoga school of thought. It is also a done thing to attribute the success of people like Carl Jung, and Integral School proponents, to the heritage India has in this respect. And yet, since language can distance us just as geography does, shamanic traditions of Latin America or that of Siberian archetypes like Dersu-Uzala, are seldom on our minds in Anglican or Sanskrit lands.

This is where the methods that integrate mind, body and emotions that NLP has is potent. Masterful practitioners like Dick McHugh also learnt from epitomes of human mastery such as Virginia Satir., Milton Erickson, and others like them. It is one thing to listen to audio-tracks of people like Louise Hay, and quite the trance to be guided by real fellow practitioners. While my observer described that part of me which was on his eyes, what was in me was energy rekindling parts o my unattended body, that left me floating in weightless state free from afflictions.

Getting into that core state through affirmations then is a wonderful gift to have.