Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bouquets and Brickbats...Thanks for them all...

Thought some of you may like to know the nature of farewell I had, and the wishes you have for me! Excerpted below - some of the wishes that touched me ... Many, many thanks...Very encouraging, very real!


Wish you and your loved ones all the best for your future endeavours.  Do keep in touch.

All the best Joseph George. It was a pleasure talking to you. For the first time, I realised that there is more to the science of training…….Will stay in touch…let us know of your consultancy, so that we can explore to be benefitted from that.

Dear JG,

It was wonderful being associated with you though it was a very brief period. I still remember….. Aug 2004 is when I first met you for coordinating one of the program for PMs in Solutions Division along with Kasi.

My interaction with you was very little but what I learnt in that brief period was the eye for detail you had in the documents that were prepared and how to customize it for the reader etc. What also taught me was that the faculty does not compromise on the delay in the reading materials which are to be made available during the programs (You almost screamed at me when I told you that the training materials will be available only by 10 am whereas the program was from 8.30 am!!)

Well no body gets an opportunity to learn two lessons & that too different ones from one class!! I claimed myself lucky because what I learnt in 2004 was applied in 2009 when I was organizing & instrumental in coordinating for Diamond Trek  - Leadership Program @ WI J

It’s mix of feelings - sad that you will be leaving Us at the same time glad to know that you will be venturing your own consultancy. Congratulations & best of luck for your future endeavors.

Dear Joseph,

This comes as a surprise.  Wishing you the very best for all your future endeavors.  Will certainly stay in touch.

Thanks for all your contributions and support. 

Dear JG ,

You were one of my mentors in giving shape to my professional life . I would always be grateful to you for your help and guidance .
I wish and pray for tons of Peace, Success and Abundance in your next assignment and in your personal life.

Thank You Again.
Good Luck.

Its been great knowing you.You have been an embody of what true HR is. I always loved  your communications…they were almost poetic.
We got to know each other through the ... process and it has been amazing on how you continued the journey long after the program was officially  completed.
I look forward to bumping into you in this “small world” …until then will try and keep in touch.

Thanks a ton and best wishes for everything you do in life.

Dear JG,

It has been wonderful knowing you. Wish you very best in all your endeavours.

Will be in touch J

Joseph – I really enjoyed working with you. Wish you all the very best

Dear Joseph ,

I just got to know last week about your moving out ... It indeed is a disappointment to many. In the brief interaction I had with you while I was handling MBA recruitment / relationship , I was impressed by your knowledge , patience and willingness to teach .

I wish you the best !

Hi Joseph,

Nice farewell note...professional, polished and thoughtful in typical JG style!

In the few opportunities that I’ve had to interact with you, your passion for what you do and the depth of your knowledge have come through powerfully. These opportunities have been a genuine pleasure.

I wish you the very best in your new avatar. The description of it is very interesting. I’m starting to head in somewhat of a  similar direction myself...corporate L&D focused on achieving individual and team excellence. It will be great to stay in touch and exchange notes. My personal email is……….nd my mobile number is …...

All the best.

Dear JG

I have personally benefitted for having the opportunity to be part of some of the sessions anchored by you…ranging from interventions like SKIP level meeting / NMA or sessions which helped be understand my strengths as a facilitator. 
I must share this with you that as recent as last week.. that someone was appreciating a SKIP level meeting, the way I had conducted and I said the credits should reach you for I learnt the fundamentals of facilitation from you.
Thank you for all the support /help….Would stay in touch..

All the very best !

Dear Joseph

This is big surprise to hear this from you.
I wanted to talk more about your domain, organization change matter etc.

Really hope that we can keep in touch.
By the way, are you in any SNS?

Wish you all the best!!

I had opportunity of learning from you twice and I must admit it was enriching, specially with the personal attention you take towards participants.

Thanks for all the support and do keep in touch. Wish you the very best in your future endeavors. 

Joseph, its sad to see you go! But everything happens for a good reason. All the best in your next role.

Dear JG,

Very sorry to know that you are leaving us. Will definitely stay in touch. I had been out on leave and just resumed work this month.

All the very best with your future consulting plans.

Hi Joseph George,
Sad to see this mail. We worked very closely and your contributions to the Organization are immense. You are always a source of learning and the talks with you are inspirational. All the best for your future and let us stay in touch.

This is a surprise. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.  It has been great knowing you and I look forward to staying in touch.
I am very saddened to hear this. Your guidance and counsel through the ... program has been of inestimable value to me and my colleagues. You will be sorely missed. My very best heartfelt wishes for your future endeavours.  


Good move for you sir! I am sure you will be successful in your future endeavors and wish you all the very best! Yes, we should stay in touch. Take care. I don’t want to say Great knowing you etc as I am sure our roads will cross soon ;-)

Very sad to see you leave JG…will always miss you here. Had a great learning experience working with you. Lets stay in touch please. And all the best for the future

Hi Joseph,
I wish you all the very best in whatever you take up from now on.
It was great knowing you and working with you and it was unfortunate that we did not get to work together as we had once planned.


It was great having known you closely during the ... days. I always felt that you used to bring in fresh air into the program, whenever, we felt low occasionally. You are also a very fine and thorough individual and I cherish our acquaintance. Will surely keep in touch in future…

Have a great career ahead and fulfill all your dreams..!


A big loss for Us. Am sure we will stay in touch as friends... still remember those days..


I am really disappointed that you are leaving.

Personally, whenever we met I always enjoyed meeting and speaking with you.  I also thought your in-sight on individuals was first class and I held your views in the highest regard.  I also always appreciated the calm and thoughtful approach that you had to our work.

Good luck in the future, hopefully our paths will cross again.

Dear JG

It was indeed a pleasure knowing and working closely with you – particularly during your Infotech days.

Even when you moved to WC, I have always had the comfort reaching out to you for advise and consultations.

Here is wishing you all the very best in your new role as a consultant and I certainly look forward to remain in touch.

Hi Joseph,

It was an excellent experience to be part of your trainings, workshops and some coaching sessions. It gave a new dimension to my ways of working and addressing the issues.  Would like to thank you for your support and guidance during these  sessions.

Wishing you all the best for the new challenging assignment, keep in touch

Joseph George,
It sounds as though you will be moving into something that is fulfilling and a natural extension of your work.
.... Best of luck. 

Since I never got my own PAPI feedback, have I now missed my chance? J


Good luck JG! Where are you joining?

We’ll surely miss you...

Will call you one of these days.


Missed speaking with you y’day…. Sad to see you leave Us – but moving on is something I can relate to … all the very best… hope we’ll stay in touch and I’ll try & see if I can meet you in person over next couple of days to say bye in person!

Hello Joseph!

All the very best in all your future endevours.

If I can support your VISION in any way then pls do let me know. I will be very glad enable your VISION.


Wishing you well Joseph. It was nice getting to know you and interacting with you. DO keep in touch.

All the very best sir..
It was a pleasure to learn from you!!
Dear Joseph

Thank you for sharing this.
I wish you all the best in your new innings which I am sure will give you all the fulfillment and satisfaction.
It has been a pleasure knowing you and we will definitely keep in touch.
I mean this so may I suggest that we meet when convenient to you – since you are going to be a consultant  at “facilitating change for individuals, groups and organizations” I think we should also explore possibilities of how you can collaborate / join us in our journey!

Hi JG,

Can’t imagine us without you being around -  as a mentor and well wisher… I can never forget the training you designed for consulting in 2002-3. Wish you best luck and let’s keep in touch

Dear Joseph,

It is great to hear that you are venturing out into a new inning and have had a rich experience at Us. It was a pleasure knowing and interacting with you over the years, though the opportunities were few. You are one of the few people who I know who brought a deep academic interest and knowledge to a corporate workplace. This often poses some limitations for corporates who are looking to doing things in a hurry and not necessarily in a thorough way. But, in the long run and for consultants, corporates are willing to invest serious time and money to exactly get that academic depth. So, I suppose you will find many takers and I wish you all the best in your new adventure.

We will certainly stay in touch.

Joseph, thanks for the email and the surprising news! At the same time, My blessings and best wishes in your new journey as a consultant. Please keep in touch. I am always available if you need to talk and get advice as you start the new practice. My phone numbe is …

Hi Joseph George,
It was good knowing you on the few occasions that we interacted. I am sure that with your specialised knowledge in behavioural science you shall do well in your future career as well.

I wish you all the best for the career option that you have selected for your future. Hope to see you around.

Dear Joseph,

Was a pleasure to know you.

Will miss those pleasant times when you would drop by our place at office…L
Your way of looking at things was refreshingly different. Hope that some of this manner, rubs off on me too J

Wish you all the best for your endeavors. Hope that we can catch up occasionally at least...

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