Sunday, May 1, 2011

Enquiry, Groups and Life

Am often amazed by some very amazing electronic posts. This one is a particularly rich posting that I refer to on the link below.

Deep questions of who we are, where we come from, and evolution; of what research is promoted by whom and so on...

Fundamental issues are explored by scientists, no doubt, but supported by Government or some public Institution. What do private institutions support in enquiry? How much would we know of that answer?

What have economic and material pursuits meant to us over the years?

1. Does Purpose mediate curiosity?
2. Is there a semantic nature to the method of knowing? E.g. Is Research a noun or a verb? If so, what are the benefits in making such a distinction?
3. Will level of economic and social development define the class of problems dealt with by researchers? If so, what explains Sir CV Raman, or AK Ramnujam?
4. Is rigor in research a function of economic and social threshold? Or is it a function of psychological will?

What linkage does philosophy and science hold for us? Is consciousness the business of meaning making alone? Where does the legitimacy for enquiry and exploration come from?

Never felt so natural on blogspace posing questions. Reminds me of the social nature of answers too.

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