Thursday, February 25, 2016

Coping with Infantile Theocracy

The morphing of categories are a stealth technique in manipulation. So when the state assumes theocratic hegemony in the guise of moral conscience, it shifts from morality to religiosity in categories of perception and meaning. It uses linguistic schema to mask emergent motive.

Exceptions may prevail, but when speaking of generalities, morality is an inter-subjectively experienced truth; religion is a subjugation of experience to privileged interpreters of the experience of truth.

Inter-subjectivity requires unrestrained use of curiosity. In religion, unbridled curiosity is suffocatingly suicidal. Morality can survive only through mutual respect.

Religion seldom self-corrects. The texts of scripture are their own loudspeakers. They speak with none, but sermon at all.

Spirituality transcends religion, when it demonstrates emancipatory relief through human capacity of self-correction. It eschews divisions perpetuated by religion.

In reality then, the tensions in civic experience will require to be lived out fully before healing can grace us.

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