Saturday, October 4, 2014

Go online to reduce the anxiety of impulse buying!

My son rarely has accompanied us (his parents) on grocery shopping. He joined us for this once yesterday. The reasons for it is another story. The reason for my mention is the story that should interest you.

Wheeling the cart around the corner he said, it is better to shop online to reduce your cost of shopping. "Saves fuel and parking costs?" I was curious. "No, it reduces impulse buying - see that lady there - she may not even need it". A lady was staring hard at the goods placed at a place that required no effort to wind through the racks. I was immediately reminded of Paco Underhill's influence on position of merchandise in line with human anthropoid, and his book "Call of the Mall".

Having once written a book review on Sheena's book "The Art of Choosing", we also are a collective that have foisted a recent political regimen on ourselves in India. But sadly, I have been alerted to the consequence of numbing. And then I saw this one by Renata Salecl on TED. Take a look and see if we we have a passion for ignorance.

The ignorance of not knowing where we are headed is marked by the obviousness of the numbing we are now used to. Like getting up and expecting the world of infrastructure and systematic transportation serving the millions. As of now sales personnel work on clients and earn their incentives from those who may not need a second or third car or smart phone in India!

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