Thursday, November 21, 2013

Big is getting bigger

1. Mckinsey shared their piece n Big Data, Open Data et al this year.
2. Hans Rosling has been crunching numbers on global health, and shows how the world's 7bn may still have a chance to survive with evidence of falling population growth in countries such as Bangladesh, India and China.
3. MOOCs are beginning to catch the digitally connected and increasing speed of access to high quality education the world over.
4. Behavioral Economics is getting embedded into the grain of corporations. Some companies will get bigger and others will get smaller to be relevant.
5. Fields such as neurology are working on adjacancies with law to examine bio-ethics as a new frontier of human rights and obligations.

Change without preparation can numb. Innovators would do well to sensitise their eco-systems in embracing and coping with the emerging impact big data and big impact will soon have on the world. 

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