Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paradigms I've experienced over the last decade

No major paragraphs. Just a few reflections from my experience in India as someone at the world of work.

THEN around 2000-2002
NOW around 2011-2013
1.       Does this belong to our industry? If yes, your opinion is of value to me.
Does this apply only to our industry? If no, good. The more beyond our industry that much more value.
2.       Is he joining a good Company?
Is he working with good People?
3.       Does he know problems of the Third-World?
Does he know what is an emerging economy?
4.       Do they have capability to change?
Do they have capability to learn?
5.       Is the person eligible to apply for the job?
Is the person suitable for the role?
6.       Is the professional inter-personally effective?
Is the person socially active?
7.       Is the person God-fearing?
Is the person spiritually inclined?
8.       Can the candidate write well?
What does the candidate read?
9.       Does the candidate come from a good family?
Does the candidate have positive peer references?
10.   What successes does the candidate possess?
What learning does the candidate have from failure?

Does this read like a familiar set of perceptions for you too? What implications does this set of differences have for you?

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