Monday, January 14, 2013

Educere - Language, care and all that

General Bikram Singh may've felt that rare moment of significance to speak on behalf of the country to friend and foe both. His language was striking too. He tried - yes tried to befriend media personnel "..visit the site... and we'll make you understand....". Training in corporations has this objective clause too. "We'll train project leaders to be consultants". In other industries and commercial sectors "Thousands of people will undergo training this year".

Well, transitive and intransitive verbs have their place in grammar. Subjects, verbs and predicates have their structure in language. What is then the grammar of education? What is the language in our conversation? There's a lot to hear these days, especially if we are willing to listen. I am educating myself on these.
One is the link here. It is from the Dalai Lama Center, a video so delectably created for our age.

The other is the video embedded below. Tony D'mello on speaks Identity and self here.


educere (transitive)
  1. To leaddraw or take out, forth or away.

What can education take out or lead forth that was not within you already? 

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