Monday, February 20, 2012

Poetry in the life of Social Media - Maiden Attempt

I thought I should slowly distinguish personal writing from professional scripts in blogosphere. I was particularly impressed when I read Deepa Bhalerao's poetry that she proficiently pens on Facebook. While that is not flattery, I am putting up a piece I wrote over the weekend to give a different complexion to my blogposts. Will also like to write blogs of professional nature on our upcoming company website - more when that comes up..

In the meanwhile let me know how this reads...

The narcissist pervades the media
In search of an adoration sublime
The realist scrambles in wanton hysteria
Both creatures numbed in their climes

This world has its chasers of fantastic dreams
Market-worship, shaman-rituals all yearning for eternity
Then the unexpected surrender in delirious screams
Like refugees - to love they turn, awash in hope of serenity

The mist of cold and the gasps of dust twitch the skin in between
Seasons of moods, and tears and laughter intervene
Remote from the awakening unseen
The insight that emerges in awareness within

Prayers sung for a patch of wieldy sanity
Are drowned out by acts of untamed futility
The poet’s eye scans for the pen of verity
That will ink upon the pad of reality

Frivolous nerves renting its moments
Snatching away at shards of Eternity
Meaning it seems will make its advent
And simply emerge in resilient profundity

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